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Bring your words to life with our help.

Halstead Bay Books empowers you to publish your words, your way.  As a family-owned hybrid publisher, we help first-time authors craft heartwarming stories that entertain and educate their readers.

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Start Your Publishing Journey Today!

How we help you publish your book:

It all starts with your story...

Whether you have a published manuscript or just an idea in your head, everyone's publishing journey begins with a story. Halstead Bay Books is here to help you take the first step.

We'll help you edit & proofread...

Once your manuscript is ready, We can help tidy up your manuscript, making sure your words flow nicely and you story is clear to your readers.

Next, we'll design the cover...

The cover is your books first impression. We'll create a cover that captures the spirit of your book and draws in readers.

Then comes publishing & printing...

The exciting part begins! We'll help publish your book to paperback, hard copy, or e-book format. There's nothing better than seeing your words in print.

Finally, marketing & distribution

We’ll help put your book on Amazon, create your author website, and print copies for sharing with family & friends.

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“As a first-time author, the thought of publishing my book, 'Model A' seemed daunting until I found Halstead Bay Books. The team was incredibly supportive, guiding me through each step of the process with ease and understanding. From the detailed editing phase to the stunning cover design, every aspect was handled with care. Seeing my book available on Amazon and receiving my first set of printed copies was beyond exhilarating. Halstead Bay Books didn’t just publish a book, they helped fulfill a dream.”


Ira J. Crider

First-Time Author

About Halstead Bay Books

Born from a personal mission to help my 82-year-old father publish his first story, Halstead Bay Books is a family-run hybrid publisher dedicated to helping new authors navigate the publishing process. We specialize in editorial support, cover design, and ensuring you maintain control over your work.

Ready to publish your story?

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